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FOSH events for 2018/2019

Please join us!!
Everyone is welcome to the monthly free coffee moning to discuss events and fund raising ideas.


FOSH coffee morning – Friday 21st September


FOSH coffee morning - Friday 5th October


Hot chocolate sale -    Monday 5th November

Hot chocolate sale -    Monday 19th November


FOSH coffee morning – Friday 7th December

Christmas Fayre –         Saturday 8th December

Hot chocolate sale -      Tuesday 18th December



FOSH Coffee morning – Friday 11th January

Hot Chocolate sale   -    Tuesday 15th January


FOSH coffee morning – Friday 8th February

Auditions for Talent show – Monday 11th February

Final show – announce the winner – Friday 15th February


FOSH coffee morning – 8th March

Cake/bun sale –      Tuesday 19th March

Mother’s Day sale – Friday 29th March


FOSH coffee morning – Friday 5th April

Egg Decorating competition – Wednesday 10th April.

Winner for Egg Competition – announced on Friday 12th April.


FOSH Coffee morning – Friday 3rd May

Cake/bun sale – Monday 20th May


FOSH Coffee morning – Friday 14th June

Father’s Day Sale – Friday 14th June

Summer Fayre -   Saturday 15th June


FOSH Coffee morning – Friday 12th July

Kirkstall Festival – Saturday 13th July

Lolly sale – Friday 19th July

Year 6 leaving Party – Friday 19th July

School Awards