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Governors, staff and pupils aim to exceed expectations of attainment and progress in English by enabling children to be confident and articulate in how they communicate in written and spoken word.
"The overarching aim for English in the National Curriculum is to promote high standards of literacy by equipping pupils with a strong command of the written and spoken word, and develop a love of literature through widespread reading for enjoyment."

The curriculum puts a great emphasis on reading for pleasure, grammar and the development of good handwriting and spelling which is what we are adopting throughout the school.
Main points of our teaching:
  • A strong emphasis on reading for pleasure (and also on using systemic phonics to teach children to read fluently)
  • A focus on spelling including spelling lists for each key stage
  • A focus on grammar including correct use of the apostrophe
  • An expectation that pupils master formal English through reciting poetry, debating and presenting work
  • Learning poetry by heart

The distinct elements of literacy teaching are introduced throughout the Reception year and maintained daily from Y1 to Y6. These elements are related to:sharing text as a whole class,
word and sentence level work and activities planned for individuals, pairs or groups as appropriate.
a creative approach to literacy and link it to other work in the curriculum, topics of interest, music, film and ICT.

At Sacred Heart we use Oxford Reading tree as the backbone of quality reading throughout the school (Oxford Reading Tree).
To supplement this, we use Project X and Code X across the school for children who require extra support in reading.
Class novels, Graphic novels and books with humour add depth to our provision and gives children who are free readers choice and interest. Michael Morpurgo and Anthony Browne novels are studied as children move up through school giving them an appreciation of style and genre of these authors. 

In Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 (and for those children who need it in Key Stage 2) there is daily phonics teaching.  Phonics is taught using the DfE recommended 'Letters and Sounds' programme, suplemented with activities from 'Jolly Phonics'.

Please see the 'Guides for Parents' tab in the 'Curriculum' section of the website for infomration shared at the parents session about how we deliver our phonics teaching and support your child's early reading and writing. 

Leeds Book Award Ceremony 2016

A group of 9 children from year 5 were lucky enough to attend the Leeds Book Award Ceremony 2016 on Monday 23rd May 2016. There were 6 authors at the event who were the authors of the 6 shortlisted books:
  • Demolition Dad, by Phil Earle
  • The Black Lotus, by Kieran Fanning
  • Mel Foster and the Demon Butler, by Julia Golding
  • Gorilla Dawn, by Gill Lewis
  • My Brother is a Superhero, by David Solomons
  • The Mystery of the Clockwork Sparrow, by Katherine Woodfine
There was a question and answer session with the authors which the children found really interesting and inspiring with a lot of hints and tips of how to write a successful book. 

The winner was:

Gorilla Lewis by Gill Lewis. We were luck to meet Gill and have her book signed for school. 

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