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Hi Everyone,

We hope you and your families are well and staying safe. We know this is a difficult time and we want to stay in touch as much as possible. On this page you will find quick links to a range of resources to support your child's special educational needs. If you have any questions about any of the resources or any assessments that affect your child please don’t hesitate to contact me, Mrs Bates (SENDCo) on Your messages will be forwarded on to me. If you would like a telephone conversation please just ask in your email.

Take care, stay safe and God Bless

Mrs Bates
Autism and Autisic Spectrum Conditions

Here are links to a range of resources that you may find helpful to support your child at home. 

Social Stories 
The Social Stories document is a really useful tool for helping to explain the current situation about CoronaVirus. It provides a consistent way to talk about the current situation and some helpful ways to respond to your child's concerns, anxieties and worries. Referring to it might form part of your child's daily routine or it might just be something to refer to as and when your child needs some reassurance. 

Visual Timetables
Creating a  visual timetable can help bring some stability and predictability to the day for your child. The idea is that the symbols below are printed out and cut out. They can then be used to help you plan the day. The symbols for the day need to be arranged vertically from first through to last. As each activity is completed take the symbol off the timetable and put it in an envelope or box to show it is finished. You can create the timetable on card or use the back of a door or the fridge to blu tak the symbols too.  
You can also use the 'Now Next' board to indicate which activity needs to be completed before another one starts e.g. 'Now Maths; Next Television' or 'Now Lunch; Next Toys'. 

The file 'Boardmaker Symbols Home Activities' has lots of symbols that relate to home e.g. 'television', 'toys' 'slime' 'hugs'.  
The files 'Boardmaker Symbols Instructions' have requests and also some symbols that relate to school activities. 

The 'National Autistic Society Booklet' has ideas of things you could try at home and suggestions of good websites that you and your child may find enjoyable to supplement the work from their teachers and on their class pages. 

If you would like some of the symbols printed out and do not have access to a printer please get in touch via the office email so that a set of the symbols can be posted to you. 

If you would to talk through how to use the resources then please email the office and ask to speak to me about the visual timetables. I will be in touch as soon as possible. 

Example Visual Timetable
Speech, Language and Communication Resources

If your child is seen by Rosie Acton our Speech and Language Therapist from Chatterbugs then they can still receive online sessions during our school closure. Please read the letter below and contact Chatterbugs directly. 

Below are some useful resources that we use in school to support your child's speech and langauge therapy programme. If you need any of the resources printing out or would like another copy of their speech and language therapy programme emailing through then please make a request using the office email. 
Speech, Language and Communication Resources

School Awards