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We're sorry you can't come to our usual after school clubs at the moment, like football, cheerleading and dodgeball. On this page, we'll provide links to fun activities you can try from home. The great thing about them is you don't have to wait until after school to do them!

Leeds Rhinos
The Leeds Rhinos Foundation has created some challenges you can try from home.
KS1 Goal Ball Game
KS2 Volleyball Game

Leeds North West Schools Sports Partnership have put together a whole list of activities for you to access online.They have broken down the resources into categories PE, Physical Activity, Mental Well being and Personal Challenge.
Click here to access this excellent resource

Active Schools Fortnighly Bulletin 

The Diocese of Leeds singing programme usually takes place in school every Thursday. Their are some pre-recorded singing sessions on their YouTube channel, and after Easter they will be offering daily live singing sessions.
Diocesan YouTube Singing sessions

Mrs Roe, our music teacher, has made her own music youtube channel where there lessons to access for all year groups. Click here to access her lessons for the follwoing year groups:

The videos are aimed at particular year groups as follows:-
Mrs Roe's Crocodile Lesson - Reception
Mrs Roe's Music Lesson on Pitch - Years 1 & 2
I Hear Thunder - Years 3 & 4
Pitch Notation - Years 5 & 6

Sports UK
Mr Parkinson and Sports UK have provided us with activites for children and parents from indoor and garden games to gymnastics and dance:
Click here to explore what they have to offer for PE at home 

Chess Club
Sacred Heart Chess Club is now online on the ChessKids website and app. ChessKid is a completely safe environment for children to learn and play chess. Our Chess Club has a weekly leaderboard, puzzle duels, "beat the teacher" and a summer tournament. Please email the office if you would like to join. Mr Masley and Mr Hubbard (our business manager) are waiting for your challenge!
Introducing Sacred Heart chess club

School Awards