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As part of the government reforms to the National Curriculum in 2014, the old system of “levels”, which we used to report children’s attainment and progress, were removed and not replaced. It was left up to schools to decide how children will be assessed and then how this would be reported to parents.

The National Curriculum sets out expectations at the end of each key stage (Year 2 and Year 6) and it is the responsibility of the school to monitor what the children have learnt and where they are in this journey, particularly if they are not at the end of a key stage (Years 1,3,4,5).

The Staff, Senior Leadership Team and Governors ensure that all areas of the national curriculum are taught and teachers are able to be flexible in their approach to planning and teach what needs to be taught based on their ongoing assessment. This ongoing monitoring of pupils attainment allows target setting to be individual to the child through verbal and written feedback as planning is informed by day to day assessment and monitoring.

Our staff regularly undertake standardisation and moderation in children’s writing between year groups, key stages and with partnership schools. This ensures that ongoing assessment is not only based on the national curriculum but reinforced through constant moderation with other professionals.
  • The school leadership maintains close dialogue with parents in the following ways:
  •  Parent- Teacher Consultation Evenings (October and March)
  •  Key Stage/ Phase information evenings (September)
  • Curriculum Evenings (term)
The Staff, Senior Leadership and Governors endorse the assessment approach as it has the following benefits for your children:
  • Children will have a better idea of where they need to improve their work due consistent and personalised marking and feedback
  • Children must achieve a high level of competence and depth to meet the age related expectation before moving to the next level
  •  Children will be assessed at the appropriate level for them where they can focus on what they need to do to improve to move towards meeting or exceeding the age related expectation

Age Related Expectations
  • The National Curriculum sets out expectations of what should be taught.
  • Foundation subjects include History, Geography, PE, Art, Design and Technology, Music and Computing.
  • Art Sacred Heart, RE, English, Maths and Science are considered core subjects.
  • The vast majority of children are expected to reach age related expectations or above. Schools should expect that children who start school with achievement slightly below that which is typical of their age will catch up quickly. Only a very small number of children with very specific needs may not reach national expectations.
  • Three broad areas are used to show progress and attainment, working below, working at and working at greater depth.

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