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Welcome to Year 4

Together, We Learn and Grow in God's Love
Class teacher: Mr J Briggs

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Smithson 
Teaching Assistant: Mrs McKenna 
Twitter: @sacredheartls4

Message From The Teacher

Hello and welcome to year 4.  This is a very different way of starting the year but it has been lovely getting to know the children and see all the progress they are beginning to make.  We are looking forward to learning about Ancient Egypt and Changes in State in English and Science as well as Democracy and Black History Month in PSHE.  Please use the website to help you with your learning at home as well get to see what we have been doing and what is coming up in school.

Remember to keep up to date with all the government guidelines and stay safe.

Mr Briggs

Class Gallery

Have a look at what we have been getting upto in class recently.  All our home learning is supported by what we do in school and gives us an opportunity to practice what we have learnt or learn more at home.
Class Gallery
This week our spellings are words with suffixes -ing, -ed, -er, -en

Remember to learn the root of the word as well as the suffix for your spelling test this week.










Try practicing them by using the activities below.

Basic Skills at Home

These activities can all be used at the beginning of your day.  There are a variety of things to get your day started so find what works best for you.


TTrockstars is probably our most used website as a class.  We use it twice a week in class and is an incredibly useful website for improving times tables which is fundermental for progress in maths.  Children have their login details in their home learning books and I can check how every child has got on from home.  They should complete a sound check, accept my challenges then can use the studio to try and improve their speed.

Reading Bingo

5 minute workout

English at Home


Question time!

  1. Would you venture into the temple?
  2. What might they find inside?
  3. Do you think all of the group want to go in?
  4. Why is the floor green?


Sick Sentences!


These sentences are ‘sick’ and need help to get better. Can you help? Could you add an adverb?

  • It was really hot in the jungle.
  • I was sweating.
  • I saw a temple it front of me.
  • It was big and it was covered with green stuff.

Story Starter!

The humidity was unbearable. Perhaps when the entered the temple it would be cooler?


The group had been travelling together for days, fighting their way through the jungle. They had exhausted themselves wrestling with vines and branches, drenched in sweat as the heat attacked them.


All around them the air was heavy; each breath was a gasp. The jungle climate was oppressive, and they were in need of rest.




Maths at Home

After starting your day on TTRockstars, make sure you then apply your skills on one of our maths websites.  We have been using mathletics throughout the year but if you do any work on Eedi, I can mark it and give your feedback.  Have a look at the problem of the week and the documents below if you need any extra practice.


Mathletics is a maths website where I will set children work weekly based on what we have covered in class.  I will be able to check how each child has done with the previous week's work and set th following week's work accordingly.


Eedi is a new website for year 4 and provides a set of questions each week with different answers.  Children have to select the right answer but then explain why this is the right answer.  I can view their answers and give them individual feedback on each incorrect answer.

White Rose Maths

White Rose Maths is the scheme of work we follow in school so you should be familiar with the styles of questions.  This is a really useful website as they provide videos for how to do the concept then questions for you to practice.  Once you have used this, look for the same topic on mathletics.  The worksheets for each lesson will be uploaded in the documents block below.

Problem of the Week
RE at Home

Our Faith is central to everything we do at Sacred Heart. During this time when our school is closed, everything is different and things seem a bit strange our prayers and faith can help us be connected to each other and provide comfort and peace.  

Visit the Our Faith page on the virtual school to find some links to ways to stay connected to what we would be doing in school; ways to pray; ideas of things to do at home; celebrations of things pupils have done and a message board for any intentions that you would like to make for our school community to pray for.


Science at Home

Each week, there will be a science challenge as well as links to science online.  It is entirely upto you which afternoon you do this and you can present your work however you want.  Remember to send pictures on classdojo so we can keep updating our website.

Online Links

11am Science with Maddie Moate

History and Geography at Home

Each week, there will be a history and geography task for you complete.  Similiar to science, it is entirely upto you which day of the week you do these and you can present your work however you want.
Art and Design at Home

You will also find an Art and Design activity set each week which will hopefully give you a super creative way to break up your week.  I hope through doing these, some of you are inspired to have a go at your own original pieces of work.  Please share these with me on classdojo so we can try and create our own virtual art gallery.
PSHE and Mindfullness

Practicing mindfullness is very important during these stressful times.  It helps to put things in perspective and allows us to see things in a different way.  Each week, I will upload a different challenge to help you relax at home and there will always be colouring sheets or you to print.

Picture News

Turn the TV off ... Sit down as a family ... and discuss this week's picture news.  We use these in our learning every Friday afternoon.
Year 4 Message Board

Please use this space to ask questions about home learning or how to use the website. Any other questions, please direct them to the school office.

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