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PE at Sacred Heart
At Sacred Heart, physical activity, and particularly sport, are central to our educational ethos. We believe that children who are active and healthy are more likely to be well-motivated, happy children.

PE and sport premium for primary schools
The PE and sport premium is additional government funding which we have used to make additional and sustainable improvements to the quality of the PE, physical activity and sport offered through our core budget. The documents below set out the funding we have received, how we have spent it, and the impact it has had.
Investment in coaching
  • We have invested in specialist coaches through Sports UK. We have increased our investment to provide 2.5 days each week of specialist coaching in school  for all pupils from Reception to Year 6,
  • The aim of this investment is to provide our staff with ongoing professional development in areas of P.E. in which they feel they would benefit from specialist knowledge of the coach.
  • The children have highly qualified coaching staff working alongside their teacher to plan and provide high quality learning experiences for them across the P.E. curriculum.
  • The coaches also provide after school clubs for children. This rotates across the school throughout the year, and provides children opportunities to take part in sports that are not offered in P.E. lessons.
  • This investment also provides inter-school and intra-school competitions around a variety of sports. Please see the attached overview for details.
  • Coaches from Sports UK receive professional development through lesson observations and access to training courses.
  • Sports UK also provides Y6 children a half-a-day’s training on how to become better play time leaders.
  • Goalposts/nets
  • Footballs
  • Kits
  • Variety of balls
Active Schools
  • This service provides guidance and support for our PE lead within school.
  • Access to a co-ordinated system of professional development and school improvement support - and strong links with national partners such as the Youth Sport Trust.
  • A subject lead for PE who is supported through the offer and has the opportunity to network with other coordinators across the city.
  • Access to city-wide programmes/initiatives that can help curriculum development. For example, winning tickets for the start line of the Tour de France, Grand Depart.
  • Wider links to other out of school opportunities in the community e.g. BMX sessions offered from Fearnville Sports Centre, ‘The Work’ skate park, Commonwealth Games baton relay festival
  • Membership of Youth Sport Trust and their CPD programmes/resources.
  • Direct support and guidance with Health and Safety issues.
  • Access to consistent competition structures with pathways to progress.
Healthy Schools Service Level Agreement
This service provides guidance and support for both teaching and learning. It provides opportunities for professional development and resources for staff and pupils. As a result of this we have successfully maintained the Healthy Schools Award and developed good practice across the school in SEAL.
Sports clubs (lunch time and after school)
At Sacred Heart we pride ourselves on the amount of physical activity we provide the children with. Lunch time and after school clubs are run during term time.
Competitions and tournaments
Sacred Heart has always participated in a wide variety of sporting competitions and tournaments. These have been in a competitive and non-competitive arena.

School Awards