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Special Educational Need and Disability (SEND)

SENDCO - Mrs Kate Bates (Deputy Headteacher)

At Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School we acknowledge Christ as the centre of our community and believe that inclusion cannot be separated from this principle. We believe that a positive approach to special educational needs and disability based on love, mutual respect and support reflected in our mission statement “Together, we learn and grow in God’s love”, will equip children with the necessary skills and experiences to achieve their full potential. This will in turn create a more inclusive learning and teaching environment.
If you have any concerns about your child please contact school so that a meeting can be arranged to put in place any additional support your child might need. All children are different; some may need a little support at different times of their school life while others might need support throughout their education to ensure they reach their potential. Working together in partnership with parents and carers we can maximise the opportunities for a child to learn and grow so that they can achieve and be happy in their school life.
As a school community we aim:
  • To provide an inclusive, high quality education for children with special educational needs and /or disability (SEND)  where every child can achieve their full potential spiritually, socially, personally and academically 
  • Ensure a safe environment for all children to learn at their own pace, make progress and to achieve their full potential
  • To ensure that children with SEND receive their entitlement to a broad and balanced curriculum supported by all staff;
  • To identify children with SEND as early as possible, monitor, differentiate and plan the curriculum to match the pupil’s needs; 
  • To make provision for pupils with disabilities to ensure that each child receives full access to the curriculum;
  • Fully involve pupils’ parents in the learning process; 
  • Ensure that all children, parents and staff have respect for, and understanding of every child’s needs and individuality. 
In order to give specific help to those children with SEN or who have a disability, the school has adopted a policy in line with the SEN Code of Practice including a preliminary stage to monitor children whose work or behaviour occasionally causes concern. Therefore the school plans for children with SEND through initial observation and investigation, School SEN support and Education Health Care Plans (EHCP).

Exceptionally able and talented pupils also have SEN. They are considered under the inclusion policy. When a class teacher, Inclusion Manager or SENDCO identifies a child with SEN, the class teacher along with the Inclusion Lead and SENDCO devises interventions that are additional to, or different, from those provided as part of the school’s usual differentiated curriculum. Triggers for intervention through School SEN support are the teacher’s concern, underpinned by evidence, about a child who despite receiving differentiated learning opportunities:
  •  makes little or no progress even when teaching approaches are targeted particularly in a child’s area of weakness
  • shows signs of difficulty in developing English or mathematical skills
  • presents persistent emotional or behavioural difficulties which are not altered or reduced by the behaviour management techniques usually employed in the school
  • has sensory or physical problems, and continues to make little or no progress despite the provision of specialist equipment
  • has communication and / or interaction difficulties.
We understand that parents/carers can be very anxious about their child’s education and progress. We would always encourage parents/carers to raise their concerns at the earliest opportunity. If school identifies a need or issue in relation to a child we will contact parents/carers to discuss what need to be put in place to help the child progress.
The Governors and Staff at Sacred Heart are fully committed to ensuring all our children receive a high quality exciting education in a vibrant  learning environment; where necessary support is sought from external specialist providers like Educational Physiologists or Speech and Language Therapist to give just two examples.
If you would like any further information do not hesitate to contact Kate Bates, Deputy Headteacher / SENDCO, at school.

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