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Mathematics across school

Some examples of mathematics at Sacred Heart CPS, we learn through real life context, make links, challenge ourselves and we enjoy learning! For further examples of varied fluency, reasoning and problem solving, please click on the pages for each class and the maths in other subjects page.

Times Tables

Times tables and related division facts are crucial for children to aim to master, having instant recall of these will enable children to learn new concepts across the curriculum without having to struggle with or spend time calculating these. At Sacred Heart, we use Times Tables Rock Stars as a fun, competitive way to learn these facts - pupils really are engaged in trying to improve their own personal knowledge and the improvement across the board has been evident.

Governors and staff aim for pupils to exceed expectations of attainment and progress in Mathematics by developing a deep and sustainable understanding of the subject. By providing a broad base of knowledge and conceptual understanding that they can explain and apply to a variety of real and abstract problems our pupils enjoy and achieve in mathematics.

Through ‘growth mindset’ children are encouraged to see new challenges in maths as opportunities to develop and build on  their existing knowledge and understanding and pupils proudly acknowledge their own achievements.
The overarching aims of the Maths National Curriculum are varied fluency, reasoning and problem solving and it promotes high standards of numeracy, as research proves that numerate pupils make excellent progress in all areas of maths. To this end the mathematics curriculum at Sacred Heart is heavily number weighted particularly in key stage one and lower key stage two.
Mathematics is taught from Foundation Stage to the end of Year Six through practical work, pictorial representations and abstract work, with the aim of children becoming less reliant on practical and pictorial representations as their understanding grows and deepens.
At Sacred Heart we aim for all children to:
  • Love and value maths.
  • Have a firm knowledge of number facts, including bonds and times tables.
  • Be able to use number facts to calculate efficiently.
  • Have a secure understanding of ‘place value’ in number and measure.
  • Make links between topics in Maths and across the wider curriculum.
  • Talk about their work and give reasons why.
  • Solve real and abstract problems.
  • Leave primary school as competent mathematicians in all of the interconnected areas of mathematics (Number, Measure, Algebra, Geometry, Statistics, Ratio and Proportion).
White Rose Scheme of Work

At Sacred Heart, mathematics follows the White Rose Maths Scheme of Work, objectives for each year are broken down into small steps which are mastered before moving on to the next objective. This is achieved through practical, investigative activities where discussion and questioning is encouraged, pupils then move on to pictorial and abstract work. Each objective has varied fluency, reasoning and problem solving aspects in line with the mastery curriculum. Please see individual class pages and our Twitter page (@sacredheartls4) for more examples of mathematics at Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School.

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