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Our RE Policy

The school was shortlisted at the Namaste Awards as one of 6 primary schools in Leeds for our presentation that displayed our diverse school. We celebrated, through music and dance, the wonderful mix of culture and language that is central to who we are. Our Faith is the glue that unites our school community so that together we learn and grow in God's love.

Interfaith Celebration Assembly - Namaste
We Learn and Grow in God's Love 

The Catholic life of our school is central to who we are and lived through our mission statement. The teaching of RE as a subject builds on the lessons in faith that our children experience throughout each day in their learning journeys. We are privileged to have a rich diversity across our families in culture, nationality and faith. The RE curriculum focuses on bible messages and children learn from and about religion.

Our teachers' plans are informed by The Way the Truth and the Life scheme that Leeds Diocese recommend. Assessment task review how children's knowledge and understanding of their faith is progressing.

Collective worship forms an integral part of school life with whole school, key stage and class worhsips led by our children, teachers and our parish priest.

Click on the link below to access medium and long term planning for RE as directed by the diocese.
Primary Education - Leeds Diocese
Autumn 1 board work 2017/18

This is an example of our work from across the school during Autumn 1. Topics covered: Reception - God's World Year 1 - God's Great Plan Year 2 - Chosen People Year 3 - The Christian Family Year 4 - The Bible Year 5 - Creation Year 6 - The Kingdom of God

School Awards