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At Sacred Heart the season of Lent is observed by our school comunity in many innovative ways.

Unfortunately due to the current Coronavirus siutation our Holy Week assemblies will be closed to parents. At this time of uncertainty it is more important that ever that we come together in a community of prayer. We will post photos and readings on the website throughout Lent and share our expereinces with you. 

Join us in our daily prayers using the CAFOD interactive Lent calendar which can be found on the following page:
Interactive Prayer Calendar

The Mini Vinnies in Year 5 are taking part in the Lent Walk at Golden Acre Park on Monday 16th March 2020

This year we are holding our Lenten Reflection Day on Thursday 19th March 2020. Classes will have the opportunity to reflect on the themes of Lent and Easter through a series of prayer stations. Throughout the day we are also completing our CAFOD and Good Shepherd fundraising activiites. 

on Monday 30th April we will be holidng an Easter Art Day across school. 

We are lucky enough to be in school during Holy Week and have the following special assemblies planned:

Palm Sunday Assembly - Monday 6th April led by YR & Y2
Maundy Thursday Assembly - Tuesday 7th April led by Y1 & Y3
Good Friday Asssembly - Wednesday 8th April led by Y$ & Y5
Easter Sunday Assembly - Thursday 9th April led by Y6

The Faith in Action children are leading collective worship and lunchtime reflections throughout Lent. They have also been supporting classes in fundraising for the Good Shepherd Appeal 2020.

Below you can see the photos from their Lenten Pilgrimage to Golden Acre Park. 

Stations of the Cross
During Lent it is traditional to reflect on the Stations of the Cross. The Stations of the Cross tell the story of Jesus' last day on earth. Below are two links to the stations with reflections and prayers to use in your family. 
Mission Together Stations of the Cross and Lent Resources
Stations of the Cross 
Lenten Walk Golden Acre Park 2020

On Monday 16th March 2020 some of our Mini Vinnies and Faith in Action pupils took part in a Lenten Pilgrimage. We were blessed with beautiful weather and the opportunity to reflect on nature and spend time outside was a powerful experince for everyone involved. 

"I love just being able to breath and smell the nature."  

"The daffodils are just making me smile."

"I never listen to the birds singing but it sounds so nice."

Lenten Pilgrimage 2020
Lenten Pilgimrage to Golden Acre Park 2019
As part of the Pilgrimage and Procession aspect of the FAith in Action Awards pupils followed a Lenten reflection walk around Golden Acre Park that had been designed by parishioners in Our Lady of Kirkstall Parish. The children enjoyed the opportunity to have time out of a busy school day to appreciate and reflect on the beauty in God's creation.
Lenten Pilgrimage Golden Acre Park 2019
Faith in Action Lenten Pilgrimage Assembly April 2019

Today the pupils led their own assembly to share their pilgrimage with the whole school. We wre very lucky to be joined by some of the CAFOD Live Simply group who put the Lenten Walk together. Below are the reflections from the pupils on their Lenten Pilgrimage. 

Sheldon - My favourite station was the fifth station because I really thought about the birds and everything God had created.
God of love, show us our place in this world as channels of your love for all creatures on this earth.

Jquaya - I am thankful that I could share this day with my friends and teachers and Sacred Heart family. I didn’t have a favourite station but liked the time to reflect at all the stations. It was so beautiful to hear the birds twittering, feel the wind, hear the water and see the squirrels.
Yes be praised in all your creatures, brother sun and sister moon; in the stars and in the wind, air and fire and flowing water.  Be still and know I am with you.

Phoebe - I really liked station 8 which was the benches near the Island. The water ripples made me think about when God forgives us and clears away our sins. The calming nature made me think about the sad, the happy, the god and the bad. Dear God, please forgive us for the bad things we have done.   
We are not alone -every prayer, every song, makes me feel I belong to world filled with loves that’s all around.

Milie - My favourite station was the Evergreen Tree. It made me think about how thankful I am for you creating animals, plants trees and the world. I appreciate my family and my Sacred Heart family and I love the world you put me in.
Lord you came as a living vine and Tree of Life. Make us fruitful branches.

Logan - I really liked the third station where we had time to share a picnic with our friends. I really enjoyed collecting pine cones and sticks it was so much fun.  I have loved using them to make an Easter cross today.
Lord, you have shared so many of your riches with me. Teach me by your generous spirit to live with open hands.

Milly - I really enjoyed being able to be so close to the wildlife and the birds. Thank you God for making this beautiful world for us to live in.
When through the woods and forest glades I wander, and hear the birds swinging sweetly in the trees. Then sings my soul, my saviour God to thee, how great thou art. How great thou art.

Elizabeth - I really enjoyed spending time looking at the trees and the different blossoms. I loved collecting the petals and flowers with my friends. Although I was moving and being active I felt really rested.
When the treadmill of life leaves me exhausted, Lord teach me how to rest.

Abdul - My favourite station on the Lent Pilgrimage was the shelter because it kep us away from the cold and felt kind of warm and protecting us all.
Oh God, your son became a refugee and had no place to call his own. Look with mercy on those who today are homeless, are hungry, are fleeing from danger.

Katie - I feel really lucky that I got to go to Golden Acre Park. I loved having time to pray and praying was really good fun. It made us all feel good. I loved seeing the nature and a very unusual duck from Mexico called Kevin! He took quite a fancy to Mrs Myers!
God saw everything he had made and behold it was good!

Mirabell - I really enjoyed spending time outdoors and appreciating everything God has made. The pine cones were beautiful and we have used them to day to make an Easter Cross to remind us of our special pilgrimage to Golden Acre Park.

Paige - I wrote this prayer at the end of the Pilgrimage. Dear Lord,May all living beauty be protected by yours truly. Allow us to admire and enjoy your beautiful creatios. Allow of us to accept and protect your amazing creation because you are the all found creator and maker of all things great and small. Amen.

Carrick - I wanted to choose the hymn Colours of Day to finish our assembly because when we were on our pilgrimage the sun came out just as we arrived. It was amazing. We also saw every colour of the day and every colour God had created.

Faith in Action Lenten Pilgrimage Assembly

School Awards