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Welcome to our Curriculum Section. We aim to provide an outstanding education where all children make progress towards their fullest potential. The children are encouraged to think for themselves and to acquire lifelong skills which will prepare them for life in a modern society. The core subjects of our curriculum are English, mathematics, science and religious education. Alongside these, we teach art and design, computing, design and technology, geography, history, music, and physical education. The development of the whole child is at the forefront of all our activities which means that we encourage academic achievement as well as their spiritual, moral, social and cultural development. 


In Reception, children learn through practical, play-based, adult and child led activities. We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Guidance to provide a holistic education. Children learn about language, literacy skills and communication in everything that they do. Alongside this they develop personal, social skills and a good disposition to learn.

Numeracy skills are developed through practical activities and everyday opportunities. Creative activities include painting and model making. Children develop at different rates; their interests and stage of development are used to plan next steps for learning. They are always encouraged to take the next steps to improve their work and ensure they make good progress. Trying new things helps them understand the world they live in. We use the Tapestry online journal to capture and share with you the learning and fun of your child’s early education.

Our newly developed outdoor learning space supports the indoor classroom and provides a rich variety of experiences and opportunities for children to develop. 

Key Stages One and Two

We build on children’s experiences in Reception class by continuing to deliver creative lessons that children enjoy and feel motivated by with the aim of all our pupils becoming confident readers, writers and mathematicians.

Reading is taught through systematic phonics. Children are encouraged to read for pleasure as well as take books home. Our library, installed in 2019, is a beautiful, fun and enticing space for reading. Weekly reading logs support communication between home and school.

We embed maths activities in all subjects so that numbers feature again and again, and children get used to seeing numbers and working with them. Our aim is for our pupils to become fluent mathematicians with the ability to reason and problem solve.

We develop a love for learning and a growth mindset where children understand their learning journey in school. Our children learn that to have a growth mindset means that they will say statements such as:

  • “I never give up”
  • “I like my work to be difficult – it means I am working”
  • “I want people to praise me for the effort I put into my work”
  • “I feel clever when I am learning something new”
  • “I learn from my mistakes”  

We rate effort highly and reward children for putting in the extra work to move to the next level. The result of this is that children become eager, confident pupils who understand the joy of learning and are prepared well for academic success.

We ensure that children have a series of memorable learning experiences. This includes: visitors into school, themed dressing-up days, project work, an assembly or a recreated experience in school. Children will expect to have at least on trip or visit each half term that enriches their learning where classroom does not.

We take great pride in our ethos and values that ensure our children will be good citizens, embrace people from all countries and religions, be open and accepting, and do their part for their community.

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