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"Music is life itself"
Louis Armstrong

The halls are alive with the sound of music at Sacred Heart. Music is taught weekly to all year groups with a mix of national curriculum and whole class instrumental teaching delivered by our specialist music teacher Mrs Jane Roe from Art Form Leeds.
Our Years 3 to 6 receive weekly singing sessions as part of the Diocese of Leeds Schools Singing Programme. These are delivered by an expert Choral Director from the Diocese, focusing on positive engagement with singing and supporting the Catholic life of the school through sacred music. The sessions offer practical and incremental coverage of areas of the music curriculum, including notation, in a two-year curriculum framework developed by the Diocese, the National Schools Singing Programme and the National Youth Choir of Scotland. Pupils also have the opportunity to join one of the Diocese’s acclaimed after-school choirs.  You can find online resources that support this work on the Schools Singing Programme’s YouTube channel: Our local Diocese choir is Leeds Cathedral Choir – please contact for more information about joining.

Our music plan by year group
  Reception Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Year 6
Unit 1 Introducing Instruments: Learning how to handle and play instruments properly Hey You!: Using names to develop rhythmic awareness Animal Music: Investigating Saen-Saints’
‘Carnival of the Animals’
Whole class Ukulele Haunted House: Focus on descriptive music Rhythm and Pulse: Understanding ‘pulse’ and investigating rhythmic
The Building Bricks of Music: Exploring the inter-related dimensions of music
Unit 2 Preparation for Nativity performance: Development of vocal skills Preparation for Nativity performance: Development of vocal skills Preparation for Nativity performance: Development of vocal skills Music in Space: Composing in response to a given brief Dragon Scales: Investigating the pentatonic scale Form and Structure: Exploring common musical structures
Unit 3 Dinosaur Music: Focus on dynamics – loud and quiet Peace at Last: Investigating timbre and using sounds appropriately Rain Rain Go Away:
Music and the weather
Egyptian Music: Using Egyptian features as musical stimuli Britain Since 1930:
Exploring music of the Second World War
Exploring the Orchestra: Learning about the instruments and exploring
Unit 4 Let’s Go Fast and
Focus on tempo
– fast and slow
Exploring Duration: Focus on long
and short sounds
Friendship: Focus on singing and call-and- response Ostinato: Understanding how to use the musical feature Samba: Preparation for large-scale performance
Unit 5 My Stories: Introducing movement to music Jack and the Beanstalk: Vocal project


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