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We maintain our capability to provide remote education when it is not possible for some or all of our pupils to attend in person. Whilst much of the following guidance was written during the global pandemic of 2020 and 2021, it remains relevant for any occasion in the future where school access for pupils might be restricted. 

We use Google Classroom routinely in Years 5 and 6, and are in a position to deliver remote learning to Years 1 to 6 should it be necessary. This enables your child to interact with their class teacher and classmates in a secure online classroom. All children in Years 1 to 6 have Google account, with an email address and password, through which they will access their Google Classroom. 

For any period in which whole class access to school is restricted, teachers will provide daily pre-recorded lessons. The focus will be on maths and literacy, but we will also cover the wider curriculum, collective worship, and personal, social, health and economic education. 

Google Classroom also enables teachers to set daily assignments. There, you will find your child's pre-recorded lessons and assignments. Folders are clearly organised by week, day and subject. Pupils, particularly older pupils in Key Stage 2, will have access to powerful productivity apps to complete these assignments. Your child will upload their assignments and your teacher will provide feedback. Google Classroom provides online messaging that the class teacher will monitor during school hours.

Class teachers will also host one live session per week on Zoom, with an emphasis on pastoral care. Times will be shared through Teachers2Parents and Class Dojo. Your child is encouraged to attend this at the time it is scheduled. But it will also be recorded and uploaded to Google Classroom so that pupils can access it later, as we appreciate that children may need support from parents which may not always be possible at the time of the session.
Google Classroom is best accessed through a laptop or tablet. Access is also possible through large-screen smartphones.

Forgotten passwords

Please keep passwords for your child's account and other learning apps safe and accessible. If you have lost or forgotten a username or password, you can get them from our Self-Service Recovery Portal.

Online safety

Internet safety is even more important when learning is happening remotely from home. Our loan devices are installed with web filtering software. Please also see our internet safety page here.
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