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Microsoft Teams

We will continue to provide high quality remote education to all pupils not attending site whenever attendance restrictions are introduced due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

We use Microsoft Teams to deliver remote learning to Years 1 to 6. This enables your child to interact with their class teacher and classmates in a secure online classroom. All children in Years 1 to 6 have an Office 365 Education account, with an email address and password, through which they will access their Class Team. 

For any period in which the whole class is self-isolating, teachers will provide daily pre-recorded lessons. The focus will be on maths and literacy, but we will also cover the wider curriculum, collective worship, and personal, social, health and economic education. 

Teams also enables teachers to set daily assignments. You will find your child's pre-recorded lessons and assignments in the Files section of Teams, under Class Materials. Folders are clearly organised by week, day and subject. Pupils, particularly older pupils in Key Stage 2, will have access to powerful productivity apps like Word, Excel and PowerPoint to complete these assignments. Your child will upload their assignments and your teacher will provide feedback. Teams provides online messaging that the class teacher will monitor during school hours.

Class teachers will also host one live session per week on Zoom, with an emphasis on pastoral care. Times will be shared through Teachers2Parents and Class Dojo. Your child is encouraged to attend this at the time it is scheduled. But it will also be recorded and uploaded to Teams so that pupils can access it later, as we appreciate that children may need support from parents which may not always be possible at the time of the session.
Teams is best accessed through a laptop or tablet. Access is also possible through large-screen smartphones.

Mr Masley has produced three videos below to get you and your child started with Teams. These cover:
  1. Logging in to Teams from 
  2. Completing and uploading an assignment, and receiving feedback from your teacher.
  3. Joining a live video lesson.
These videos are also on our YouTube channel.

We have provided downloadable help guides below and we also recommend looking at Microsoft's guidance for parents.

Microsoft Teams is less suitable for our youngest children. Reception children will be offered two Zoom meetings a week with their teacher.

We recognise that remote learning places significant demands on parent’s help or support as well as our capacity to deliver it. The success of these arrangements, as in all areas of school life, will be assisted by good communication between home and school.

Forgotten passwords

Please keep passwords for your child's Office 365 Education account and other learning apps safe and accessible. If you have lost or forgetten a username or password, you can get them from our Self-Service Recovery Portal.

Online safety

Internet safety is more important than ever now that more learning is happening remotely from home. All of our loan devices are installed with web filtering software. The downloadable leaflet below contains more information about steps you can take to keep your child safe online. Please also see our internet safety page here.
Parent ICT Surveys

Dear Parents

Thank you for supporting your child's remote learning during the national lockdown from January to early March 2021. The children are completing a short survey about their experiences in class. Please help us to understand more about your experience and how we can improve by completing the following survey.
A summary of responses from previous Parent ICT surveys are available to download below.

Video 1: Logging into Teams

Video 2: Completing and uploading assignments, and receiving teacher feedback

Converting media.
(Media will continue converting in the background)

Video 3: Joining a live video lesson

Other learning resources

Whilst Microsoft Teams is now our main platform for remote learning, your child still has access to other online resources. 











Times tables practice




Additions and subtraction




Help with ICT
We are aware that some children may not have access to any device or an internet connection at home, and that some parents may need help with technology. 

Help with laptops and tablets
The Government has allocated laptops to schools to support children learning from home. We have also bought further laptops from school and academy funds and have a stock of iPads in school. In the event of attendance restrictions, we will contact parents about applying for a loan of one of these devices. You must first complete the following form before taking delivery of the device:
Laptop and iPad indemnity form

Help with internet access
We may be able to access a Government scheme to increase temporaritly your mobile data allowance if:
  • Your child is learning from home
  • You don’t have access to a fixed broadband connection (this is a high-speed internet connection in your home, using your phone line or your provider’s cable network connected to a router, as opposed to mobile broadband connected to a mobile network with a SIM card)
  • You have access to a mobile device (i.e. smartphone) that uses one of the following networks:
    • EE
    • O2
    • Sky Mobile
    • Smarty
    • Tesco Mobile
    • Three
    • Virgin Mobile
If you would like us to request extra mobile data you will need to complete the following form:
Help with mobile data

Using an Xbox or PlayStation to access remote learning
It is possible to access Teams through an Xbox or PlayStation. This idea was first suggested by a a pupil in Wales and has been shared widely on social media. We have tested it and it works.

On an Xbox:
  • If you have a keyboard and mouse, plug them into spare USB slots at the back. This will make navigation easier. But it is also possible to use the Xbox controller.
  • Go to My Games and Apps
  • Find and select Microsoft Edge
  • Go to and log in with your child's Office 365 username and password
On a PlayStation:
  • If you have a keyboard and mouse, plug them into spare USB slots at the back. This will make navigation easier. But it is also possible to use the PlayStation controller.
  • Identify the PlayStation internet browser icon (www with dots around it)
  • Press PS4 logo on the controller
  • Go to and log in with your child's Office 365 username and password
Remote learning clinics
We may be able to offer remote learning clinics for parents via video appointment if there is a demand for these.
Catch up provision

The Government provided additional funding in 2020/21 for catch up learning following the coronavirus (COVID-19) lockdowns. The purpose of the funding is to help children recover some of their lost learning from not being in school. Please see the letter below to parents that outlines how we spent this money.

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