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What is a Pupil Parliament?
Our Pupil Parliament is more than a School Council. Inspired by the UK Parliament, our Pupil Parliament allows our pupils to explore democracy and be active citizens in the school, representing the views of all pupils and suggesting improvements to how the school is run. It shows that their opinions matter. That they can believe in themselves and their capacity to change the world for the better.

Who are they?
We have one Pupil Prime Minister from Year 6, democratically elected by all the children. They are supported by three Pupil Leaders, also from Year 6, and two Members of Parliaments in each year group from 1 to 5. Each meeting is chaired by the Pupil Prime Minister and clerked by a Pupil Leader.

They are supported by teachers who completed the demanding UK Parliament Teacher Ambassador Programme, a three day residential training course at the Houses of Parliament. Mr Masley was the first to complete the programme, followed by Mr Macfarlane in January 2024.

Do you have what it takes to be a Member of Parliament or even the Pupil Prime Minster?
Anyone who wants to be a Member of our Pupil Parliament must have lots of good ideas and be confident at promoting our school values and ethos. At the beginning of each academic year, you will be asked by your class teacher if you would like to apply to be a member of the Pupil Parliament. You will then be asked to explain to the rest of your class why you would make a good representative. Your class will then get the chance to cast an anonymous vote for their favourite candidate. As you will be representing the school you must be aware of the importance of the role and how to follow and model our school values and ethos, showing respect to children and adults alike.

What happens once you become a Member of Parliament?
The Pupil Parliament meet regularly to discuss and decide how improvements can be made to our school. Before the meetings they may be asked to discuss certain ideas with the children in their class. After the meetings it is their job to feedback to their classes and to meet with any members of staff who might be needed to help them with their plans.

What are they doing?
Our first Pupil Parliament meeting of the year is an opportunity for representatives to start thinking about ideas for the school. They raise money from the school tuck shop, and other events such as ice pops in the summer or a school disco, and decide how this should be spent. Regular updates are in the weekly newsletter

How would you like money raised by the Pupil Parliament to be spent?
The Pupil Parliament funded our bicycle shed and scooter park. In 2024, they are exploring options for amazing wall art in school. What do you think they should fund next?

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