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Breakfast Club

Breakfast club opens every day from 8.00am to 8.30am, with 30 places (increasing to 35 from January 2024). The cost is £3.50 per session, payable in advance via your School Money account. It is free to children who are eligible for free school meals or pupil premium funding.

We provide fruit juice, cereal and toast, giving our children a healthy start to the day. The benefits of breakfast for children include:

  • improved health and nutrition
  • improved attendance and punctuality
  • better able to socialise and make friends
  • better relations with school staff
  • better able to concentrate and improved academic performance

The Link is the name for our after school club. The club is open only to children at the school and is run by staff employed by the school.

The Link runs from 3.15pm until 6.00pm and has 20 places. It is priced at £12.00 per session, payable in advance via your School Money account. The club offers a range of activities including outdoor play, board games, films, crafts, support with homework, computer games and chill out areas. A light snack (sandwiches, toasties, fruit, crackers) is included.

After school club can be contacted on 07916178172 between 3.15pm and 6.00pm.
By booking a session for your child you are agreeing to the following:
  • that you are the ‘contracting parent’ and agree to make payments in advance via the online booking and payment system (parents in receipt of Universal Credit or Student Finance may pay in arrears by written agreement - see below)
  • that you may not be allowed to book further places if your account is in arrears
  • that a charge may be applied for late collection after 6.00pm
  • that cancellations with less than 48 hours notice will not be refunded 
  • that you will keep all contact, medical, dietary and other information up to date with the school office, as this will be used by the out of school club.

Together, the breakfast club and the Link represent a great wraparound care offer to parents. The benefits go further than simply providing children with a safe place to stay before or after school:

  • For children, breakfast and after school clubs provide the opportunity to pursue new interests and complete homework in a quiet, supportive environment
  • For parents, wraparound care offers an affordable, reliable alternative to other childcare services
  • In the classroom, research has proven that children who regularly take part in extra curricular activities develop better attention spans and confidence, making them more likely to take part in class.

Help with childcare costs

Tax-free childcare
We are registered as a childcare provider with Tax-Free Childcare, a Government scheme which gives eligible working families an extra 20% towards childcare costs including the fees for breakfast and after school clubs. Apply here:  

Childcare vouchers
Childcare Voucher schemes are now closed to new entrants although parents who have already signed up can continue to use them. Please contact the school before making payments using childcare vouchers and we will enroll with your provider.

Universal credit
You can apply for help with childcare costs if you are claiming universal credit. The money is given to you after you have paid for the childcare and it has been provided for you. You will need to show evidence of your costs, including a letter from the school which we will provide on request. Go to:  

Childcare Grant Payment Service
You may be eligible for help with childcare costs if you are a full-time higher education student. The grant does not need to be paid back and is on top of other student finance. Go to: 

More advice
More information on Government help with childcare costs for parents is available here:  

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